Spring Equinox: March 20, 2011

7:21 PM, EDT

by Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow,

(original link : http://www.handclow2012.com/astroflash.htm until the next equinox / solstice)

It is the Spring Equinox north of the equator and the Fall Equinox south of the equator. In the north, it is time to create your three significant intentions for the year, while in the south it is the time to assess and balance your spring intentions from six months ago. This site is written for readers north of the equator, and those down south will need to read accordingly.

Regarding the Mayan Calendar, based on Carl Johan Calleman's interpretation, this is our last Spring Equinox before the end of the Calendar on October 28, 2011. Therefore, this spring is very personal and poignant. What do you want to create just for yourself and those close to you during the 13 Heavens of the Universal Underworld? What will time be like with the Days and Nights being only 18 days long? Will this time compression alter the way we create this year? For me, this accelerated creation potential is awesome and daunting. For you, possibly you sense these can be the best moments of your whole life. For me, I am sure they will be the most informative in history. Just like Day One of the Cellular Underworld, 16.4 billion years ago with the Big Bang, Day One of the Universal got off to a big nuclear-"new clear"-bang itself.

Gerry and I greeted Day One of the Universal Underworld on March 9 with a special group ceremony in Bellingham, Washington, at Wise Awakening. Our ceremony was very free because nine teachers activated a form designed to open Unity Consciousness, and then all who joined us played Peruvian whistles to send the form to the Galactic Center. Our theme was organic creation, and we journeyed down into a Paleolithic painted cave that the ancient ones activated during Day Five of the Regional Underworld (37,500-29,600 BC) to find this frequency. Our intention was to align with nature's heart and to become connecting nodes for Unity Consciousness with all beings on the planet. The next morning, I went into meditation for five hours as Day One unfolded and was able to detect the issues that would be sown and seeded so they could develop through the Universal. I didn't have to look hard or wait long: There was a 7.2 pre-quake on the Pacific Plate off the coast of Japan near Sendai on March 9, and then the Great Quake and tsunami were unleashed on March 11. While this was going on, the European Union was holding emergency meetings to garner more support from the wealthier nations for economically stressed Greece, Spain, and Portugal, which they quickly enacted. And, most amazingly, now that Mubarak is gone, a Chinese ship traversed through the Suez Canal on March 11 to aid its citizens in Libya, while on March 9, a ship from Iran passed through the Canal and carried our some military maneuvers in the Eastern Mediterranean! Previously, ships from both countries were not allowed to pass through the Canal.

I focus on the events in Japan because the destruction and nuclear crisis graphically showcases the arrogance and hubris of the National, Planetary, and Galactic Underworlds-the huge problems that must be radically transformed during 2011. The images the world saw were piles of containers and cars tossed around like Lego toys; great boats smashed like flimsy matchboxes; great buildings swaying like drunken tombstones; and everything swept away in a sea of mud filled with the debris of civilization and the bodies of its inhabitants. These stunning images have rendered people speechless. As we contemplate the awesome and massive destruction of a beautiful country, we are witnessing the destruction of the last three Underworlds-National, Planetary, and Galactic. The shocked expressions on frightened peoples' faces force us to register that Carl Calleman got it right: 2011 is not a Mayan fairytale. As search-and- rescue efforts began, and utilities and food supplies were assessed, the more horrendous destruction became apparent: Japan, the very country that the US bombed with weapons of mass destruction at the end of WWII, is again facing mass destruction by the same unnatural force, through multiple nuclear meltdowns. What are we being asked to understand amidst the mind-boggling pain of these good people?

As you know from reading this site, Saturn is transiting the USA 1776 Saturn, meaning it is time for the US to transform its dysfunctional forms. I wonder if these meltdowns are the beginning of karmic retribution for the US? [Notice that if the US were to stop running the development and control of global nuclear power, its economy would tank much more than it is now.] Saturn was exactly conjunct the USA Saturn on March 9 (opening Day One) during the pre-quake. Then Uranus moved into Aries on March 11 just after the Great Quake and tsunami, which means these events are only the very beginning of the great transformation. Can't we see that man never should have split matter? Elemental manipulation is the ultimate karmic risk in the universe, and we are witnessing the culmination of this god-like behavior [hubris?]. The cycles in the Mayan Calendar reveal this truth: The US split the atom and dropped the Bomb on Japan during Night Five of the Planetary Underworld (AD 1932-1952), and now we are in fruition phase with nuclear technology during Day Seven. [Astrologers may want to review Chapter Thirteen, "Chiron and the Bomb," in Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets by Clow.]

Using basic astrology to understand major karmic processes, we begin with the nodes of the Moon to find the meaning of the current Day One events. As I mentioned about the previous lunation (the March 4 New Moon in Pisces), Uranus in late Pisces exactly squared the lunar nodes, which indicated a "huge karmic crisis with the agenda of the squaring planet," Uranus. Uranus rules transformation and revolution, and in the physical world Uranus transits often trigger quakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and floods. In this case, since the lunar North Node was and is on the Galactic Center, this is our planet's karmic crisis. Then, what could be more transformational than a nuclear event? Earth's citizens are going to have to reconsider allowing governments to bind the Titans to do their bidding. Since the US is having its eight Saturn Return, and since the US created this technology in the first place, Americans have something to learn now.

Let us recall that the Winter Solstice chart predicted a "hard winter of facing difficult truth and challenges," and this is so true. To prepare our souls for the spring season, we must first take some time to think about what we've actually learned during this hard winter. Many of you followed my recommendation to read Karla McLaren's The Language of Emotions, and many of you loved this book. If you are struggling with difficult emotional struggles, it could save your life. This spring is the time of new creation, so what did you face up to and transform this winter? How has your role in community and your relationship with the planet shifted? The opening of the Universal Underworld announces Gaia is alive and conscious of human behavior and her needs are greater than any human agenda. How does your life fit within this organic parameter, and how will you create new realities in such a hyper-accelerated field? For example, there was an instantaneous revival of the anti-nuclear movement in Europe, showing that there are lots of people who know that this technology was a wrong turn in the first place. There are just some things that are forbidden on this planet, forbidden by the holistic universe. So, perhaps you will create intentions to help energy production turn around and go in another direction? Whatever you choose, the time has come to create three intentions for this year's work, write them down, and then consult this Spring Equinox reading to imagine how this might work out for you.

The chart for the 2011 Spring Equinox leaves no room for doubt: The transformations set in gear during Day One of the Universal will continue, intensify, and increase exponentially throughout the spring. This is because the equinox Sun in 0 Aries is thirty seconds from an exact conjunction to Uranus ten hours later. And, Jupiter in Aries is approaching its last exact opposition to Saturn in Libra on March 28, when we will have just begun Night One of the Universal. There is a Virgo Full Moon on the day before the equinox that hugely stimulates all the elements in the Spring Equinox chart. This Full Moon (chart not shown) culminates the processes set in gear during the New Moon in Pisces-the karmic crisis caused by Uranus exactly square the lunar nodes on March 4. Events are intensified exponentially because the Full Moon forms an exact grand square to the lunar nodes with the North Node right on the Galactic Center. This is an apotheosis of karmic retribution and our hearts are sorely tested now. We must trust and surrender to forces beyond human control and respond with compassion. Of course, I don't know what will happen during the Full Moon on March 19, since this reading will be sent in before it occurs. Hopefully, it does not mean we will be experiencing greater nuclear meltdown in Japan and further tectonic events, but it may. Certainly, we can't avoid the implications of this grand cross to the lunar nodes, since Uranus squared the lunar nodes during the Pisces New Moon on March 4; the karmic crisis is a nuclear crisis, to be a central theme of the Universal Underworld. The real truth of what humanity has been creating since 1943 will be totally visible, forcing people to face it this coming spring.

The intense feelings and great import of the Virgo Full Moon on March 19 will set the tone for the Spring Equinox, and you may feel that your personal desires this spring are trivial. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We all have one vote in Platonia, the formative sixth dimension, and this potential is the most intense during the Spring Equinox.

Looking at the chart, this spring will be intensely creative and wildly emotional unleashing opportunities for long-lasting change and new paths. To believe that humans can make a great evolutionary leap, I have been seeking good images for how to activate Unity Consciousness in our brains on a daily basis. [On March 13, I did a radio interview with James Arthur Jancik, the "Black Knight of Talk Radio," which was very difficult because the second explosion in a nuclear reactor was unfolding. Both James and I were so stunned that we found it difficult to do our job-be verbal!] Last night, a good image for Unity Consciousness came to me from the Tribal Underworld. During this two-million-year period, the evolution of hominids began through the emergence of homo habilis; and during its peak one million years ago, homo habilis created the Acheulian tool technology. This human ancestor made hand axes for one million years that are so highly standardized in their dimension and form that this had to be the result of the species' communication of knowledge; the hand axes evidence the first mathematical skill. Acheulian hand axes have been found all over Europe, Africa, and Asia, and they are strong evidence for pre-human abilities to respond globally to evolutionary stimulation. Therefore, for me, this is a potent image for how our minds are now being globally stimulated by Unity Consciousness, which is the next step in our evolution.

Returning to the chart for the Spring Equinox, the Sun moves to a conjunction with Uranus, which signals radical revolution and change. The Moon in Libra is just past Saturn, and both bodies oppose Jupiter/Mercury in Aries. This opposition is hot, formative, and emotionally tense. The Moon in Libra is in close opposition to Mercury in Aries; so when we balance our feelings, our mind runs away with our conclusions, goes into rapid oscillation, and we can hardly feel anything. Saturn in Libra closely opposes Jupiter in Aries, so as we expand and expand, Saturn continually pushes us to balance and stabilize the issues in our lives. This aspect, which is exact on March 28, signals a reappraisal of major issues and commitments on deep levels, so be open to changes you need to make but avoid being impulsive. This is the last of three Jupiter-Saturn oppositions that have been creating new paths and intentions. Also, Mars in Pisces widely quincunxes Saturn/Moon in Libra, which pushes us to open ourselves to compassion about the choices we make in our lives. The Moon exactly quincunxes Mars a few hours after the Equinox, which may trigger gloomy feelings about life and a sense of hopelessness. Overall, I sense we will feel rather gloomy and hopeless this spring, thus courage in our hearts is our best response.

Neptune in late Aquarius is combust Ceres and still close to Chiron in Pisces. Neptune's conjunction to Ceres helps us to access Unity Consciousness and to respond to all beings on Earth. This grouping reminds us that we can heal anything by spiritual approaches and the wisdom of the goddess of the grain. We are returning to basics now. Neptune will then go into Pisces, its home spiritual vibration, in early April-which is the mid-point of Night One-which will inspire a massive wave of Unity Consciousness. Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius widely trines the Spring Equinox Moon in Libra and sextiles Mercury in Aries, so feminine receptivity and the gifts of the goddess will be very healing this spring. This season will not be easy, the chart makes this very clear, yet these feminine aspects remind us to take a sauna, kiss a baby, and/or eat chocolate when the going gets rough. Have a happy spring, and I think following the Days and Nights of the Universal Underworld will give you great guidance this year. I will be doing just that during each of the New Moon readings, so we begin with what was going on during previous Day Ones:

•16.4 billion-year Cellular Underworld: The Big Bang

•820 million-year (MY) Mammalian Underworld: The first cell clusters, Prokaryotes

•41 MY Familial or Anthropoid Underworld: First Monkeys

•2 MY Tribal or Human Underworld: Homo habilis

•102,000-year Regional: S. African Neanderthal/Red Ochre Mines

•5,125-year National: Egyptian First Dynasty and the rise of Sumer

•256-year Planetary: Early industry, telegraph, USA Articles of Confederation

•12.8-year Galactic: IT evolution, Y2K, and issuance of the Euro

•234-day Universal: 9.0 Japanese quake/tsunami and nuclear crisis