The 9 Waves of Consciousness Evolution
The Carl Calleman’s Theory

Part 2: Structure and Piling up of the Evolution waves

The nine evolution waves are organized the same way. They hold the same internal structure, each one being 20 times shorter than the previous one, piling up one on top of the other and all of them ending at the same time, i.e.: on October 28th 2011.

- The first four waves cover the period of the very beginning of the universe and the emergence of mankind (from -16,4 billion years to -102 000 years).

- The following four waves (from -102 000 years to March 8th, 2011) represent the evolution of the human mind period.

- Then at last, the ninth wave (from March 9th, 2011 to October 28th, 2011) is the crowning of the creation period.

In this page, we shall successively ponder on the inner structure of an evolution wave, the organization of the waves between themselves and finally we shall propose elements on the ninth wave as exposed by Carl Calleman in his symposium sessions called “The Mayan Calendar and the Cosmic Plan”.

Inner Structure of the Waves of Consciousness Evolution

An evolution wave is structured in 13 periods; each one of them governed by one of the 13 numbers, therefore by a different energy represented by a specific Mayan deity.

Every one of the 13 periods is made of 7 “days” of light and action and of 6 “nights” of darkness, rest or/and resistance.

At the date of this page creation (on October 2nd, 2010), we find ourselves at the end of the 6th night of the 8th evolution wave.

The consciousness evolution waves pile up one on top of the others as shown on the right.

They do not alternate but rather emerge from one another as the melodic phrase in a song brings to the next one a basis on which a new harmony can be created.

As each evolution wave is 20 times shorter than the previous one, each wave (except the first one) is entirely included in the 7th day of the previous wave. This wave is then completely bathed into the light of the previous wave’s 7th “day”. Consequently any return to a previous state is impossible. The wave piling up is an inexorable march towards an ever growing harmony.

The above chart from July 2009 shows the end of the 8th evolution wave (between the 4th and the 7th day) which is called the “Galactic Wave”.

On the chart, the “days” are above the abscissa and the “nights” are below.

In each evolution Wave, a process of consciousness evolution has been “seeded” on the first “day” which achieves maturing during the 7th “day”, we call this the “fruit” of the evolution wave. Interestingly, each wave begins and finishes on a “day” which means a light gives birth to another brighter light, and without alternating with a period of darkness. We shall also observe that the “nights” of an evolution wave are as bright as the 7th “day” of the previous wave, thus rendering the coming darkness less obscure. Another way of saying it: the darkness of the consciousness gets thinner wave after wave.

Piling up of the Waves of theConsciousness Evolution

The First 8 Waves of Consciousness Evolution: A brief look at their Contents

For each wave, Carl Calleman defines a “fruit”, a polarity (unitary or dualistic) and, whenever it occurs, a “filter”.

- When the right brain is “filtered”, the left brain takes over and hence, rational thinking.

- When the left brain is “filtered”, the right brain takes over and hence, spiritual thinking.

Ian Lungold, for his part, associates each wave to an evolution of consciousness. The two approaches are, I believe, complementary and both of them are shown in the diagram here below.

The first four evolution waves concern the creation of Earth, the emergence of life and, finally, that of mankind. It is somehow “the History of the Earth”.



(-16,4 billions)


(-820 millions)


(-41 millions)


(-2 millions)













(laws of Physics)


(animal instinct)

STIMULUS / INDIVIDUAL RESPONSE (evolve animal instinct)


(connection of ideas)





A Glimpse of the Evolution of Consciousness during the ninth Wave

This 9th wave is particular in many a way.

Let us look at its duration to start with. As it begins on March 9th 2011 and closes on October 28th of the same year, it will only last 234 days and over this period we shall see 7 “days” and 6 “nights”. I mean to say that the changes are going to be as important in 234 days as they have been during the 12 previous years (of the Galactic wave) or the 256 preceding years of the Planetary wave.

Moreover, that wave is different as a huge majority of human beings are not going to be born within it but will step into it as adolescents or adults. For the first time in the history of humankind, people will know three successive waves (the end of the planetary wave, the galactic wave and the universal wave).

Previously, human beings would spend their entire life in a single wave not to say in a single “day” or “night” of a wave. Indeed, one “day” or one “night” lasted 7900 years for the regional wave and 394 years for the national wave.

It is only with the planetary wave that the “day” and “night” duration have acquired a “human scale” (19,7 years) and that we have seen the emergence of the perception of reality from a generation to the next.

At last, for the first time in millennia, ever since the cavemen era actually (Regional wave: -102000 to -3115), we are going to step into a Consciousness Evolution Wave without “filter”.

Calleman insists on the fact that unlike other evolution waves, the ninth wave will demand from us an active participation and not a passive acceptation as in the previous waves. According to his metaphor “the strings that move the puppets will be cut.”

The transition towards the Ninth Wave, says Carl Calleman, should be compared to an escalation; it will demand some efforts on our part. The ego of the precedent waves will still be present, yet in the Ninth Wave, it will serve the consciousness of unity. Consequently, the question here is not to kill the ego but to use it in such a way that it stops guiding/directing our lives disregarding the whole. Human beings are very powerful creators (a reference to the “law of attraction”) but only in the framework of consciousness generated by the “filters” associated with a particular wave. During the Ninth Wave, this creativity should attend the emergence of a world in unity and harmony and will thus have to “ask for” things compatible with this harmony without relying on our ego or anybody else’s.”

Calleman talks of “co-creation”. Lungold’s approach is identical as he also refers to “co-creation” as being the Ninth Wave Evolution of Consciousness. The question is no more no less than creating between all of us through our thoughts focusing on the world we desire. Obviously, an approach of the kind is only possible in an ethic driven society in which most people have enough of a planetary consciousness to think of the “greater good”, which is precisely the fruit expected from the Eighth Wave.

Besides, he signals that the main part of the present civilization foundations have been created during the National and Planetary Waves, hence according to the frame of consciousness prevalent to these waves (patriarchate, domination, materialism…) All these structures inherited from the past (be they about the economy, religion, society and politics) will be shaken, many will collapse as they are not consistent with the Ninth Wave consciousness of unity. The phenomenon is already visible. “As for the co-creators, adds Calleman, it will be pointless to react to outside events but rather to focus inside in order to recreate an inner being in agreement with the new energies.”

translation by Nelly Lewin



The following four evolution waves concern the emergence and evolution of the human civilization. It is somehow “the History of Man”.





























(structuration of human societies)


(power  = to be above the laws)


(Ethics is the “law of the power”)



(both thinking)


(rational thinking)


(exacerbed ational thinking)


(spiritual thinking)



All the aspects of human civilization (whether it is religion, politics, economics, art, medicine, communication… ) have been influenced by these “filters” which condition the way we perceive reality.

According to Calleman, these “filters” are “what water is for the fish. Just as the fish is not conscious of the water, we are not aware of these “filters”.

That is to say that, from a wave of evolution to another, human beings did not think in the same way which reflected in their actions. This is something to bear in mind when one studies History and civilizations.

The next video gives you a visual summary of the whole 9 waves. For more details on the topic, see Carl Calleman’s books and the videos of Ian Lungold.

Représentation mathématique des 9 Ondes d’évolution de la Conscience (french to be translated)

Cette représentation permet de visualiser mathématiquement l'accélération et l’empilement des Ondes d’évolution. Une autre méthode de réprésentation est proposée dans la page «l’accélération du temps»(Quickening of Time). Cette vidéo a été créée par MrCocotiti. Voici le commentaire qui l’accompagne sur la page Youtube.

  1. Il s'agit d'une représentation animée avec zoom progressif selon 9 fonctions mathématiques de type sinusoïdal , bornées dans le temps; les bornes ainsi que les fonctions sont visibles dans le cadre gauche de l'écran, le pointeur de la souris passe progressivement sous chacune des fonctions en suivant le déroulement de l'animation ( passez sur YouTube en résolution 720p et en plein écran pour bien voir les expressions de fonctions sur la gauche; problème, çà rame un peu ); autre rappel, pi vaut 18 jours, et x=0 équivaut à la position du 03 novembre 2010.

  2. Infra1(x) = sin((x/20^8)+((20^8-20)pi/20^8)) avec x min = -((13*20^8)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  3. Infra2(x) = sin((x/20^7)+((20^7-20)pi/20^7)) avec x min = -((13*20^7)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  4. Infra3(x) = sin((x/20^6)+((20^6-20)pi/20^6)) avec x min = -((13*20^6)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  5. Infra4(x) = sin((x/20^5)+((20^5-20)pi/20^5)) avec x min = -((13*20^5)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  6. Infra5(x) = sin((x/20^4)+((20^4-20)pi/20^4)) avec x min = -((13*20^4)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  7. Infra6(x) = sin((x/20^3)+((20^3-20)pi/20^3)) avec x min = -((13*20^3)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  8. Infra7(x) = sin((x/20^2)+(19pi/20)) avec x min = -((13*20^2)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  9. Infra8(x) = sin(x/20) avec x min = -((13*20)-20)pi et x max = 20pi

  10. Infra9(x) = sin(x+pi) avec x min = 7pi et x max = 20pi

  11. On passe donc dans cette séquence d'un vue de plus de 16 milliards d'années à une vue réduite à moins d'un an en moins de 2 minutes...

  12. Pour ceux que le sujet intéresse, la dernière version d'évaluation de Graph Easy est téléchargeable ici et le fichier en .gef qui contient l'ensemble des 9 fonctions ainsi que l'animation ci dessus, ici

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