Lord of the Night  G-9

Aztec Diety:  Tlaloc (God of the Rain)

Direction:  South

Key Words: Independence and Self-sufficiency

The G-9 persons are usually strong, independent and stubborn, sometime even antagonistic. They are self-sufficient to the point that other people often interpret this behaviour as a rejection. Their independent nature is the basis for difficulties in maintaining human relationships.

The G-9 persons are hard workers who prefer to do things by themselves. Motivated by their lack of patience, they usually do not want much help. The persons around sometimes wrongly take this attitude as being a rejection. This particular trait is their negative side and to balance it, the G-9 persons will have to grow their compassion for those who are different.

The G-9 persons appreciate privacy and wish to spend time on their own. They sometime accumulate things like collections or valuables. They like objects that come from the past and/or from the sea. Spending time in nature is a beneficial and healing experience for them and consequently they should make the effort of going out to the countryside from time to time.

Associated Number: 8

translation by Nelly Lewin

Lord of the Night  G-8

Aztec Diety:  Tepeyollotl (Jaguar God)

Direction:  South

Key Words: Liveliness and Need for talking

The G-8 persons tend to have a powerful intellect and often are compulsive talkers. They react very quickly to stimuli and sometimes to an excessive degree. They are complex people who learn to face the inner world and to know how to go into the crux of things. The G-8 persons are drawn to the darkest and the deepest sides of life. That’s how they sometimes find themselves struggling with negative thoughts, whether their own or other people’s. These G-8 persons might choose to be psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors or investigators.

The G-8 persons are very intelligent, smart and quick. These qualities are an asset in situations where rapidity of decision is required or in the research field, investigation; however these very qualities could reveal awkward in a more compelling or formal background.

Associated Number: -

Lord of the Night  G-7

Aztec Diety:  Tlazolteotl (Goddess of Confession)

Direction:  West

Key Words:  Refinement and Sexuality

The G-7 persons are strongly motivated by human relations. They like company and have a lot of pleasure in working with the public. Many people born on a G-7 day are excellent counselors, teachers or healers. They deeply appreciate music or art and the best things life can offer or, in any case, quality is more important to them than to most people.

The G-7 persons want to be in control of their outer world because their inner world is not easily controllable. The level of their sexual desire is very strong and they often feel the need to restrain them so as not to disturb their social life.

Some submerge themselves in work, attempting to deny these profound urges. Such a repressive approach does not always work and occasionally it leads to impulsive behaviours.

The very thoughts are sometimes sufficient to make them feel guilty. At times, the G-7 persons voluntarily castigate themselves in order to make amends. At their best, the G-7 persons will find ways to explore their deepest urges through art or through various healing practices. The process can lead them to becoming healers.

Associated Number: -

Lord of the Night  G-6

Aztec Diety:  Chalchiuhtlicue (or Chalciuhtlicue) (Goddess of Jade Water)

Direction:  West

Key Words: Independence and longing for recognition

The G-6 persons appear as being self controlled, practical, traditional and clearly audacious.

They often create for themselves a self-sufficient life style and hold independent positions.

Animated by a strong desire of building things, they are very hard workers. Their work is seldom solitary as they mostly deal directly with the public, maybe as a consultant or a counselor.

They take responsibility for themselves, very independent and consequently, in their search for happiness other people tend to have less importance for them.

The G-6 persons are strongly motivated by celebrity and worldly success: they aim to reach high levels of excellency. The reason is that they strive to be accepted. Their need for independence and approval is part of the quest of their own value and this leads them to an inner insecurity which is their negative side. The G-6 persons will have to be aware of this fact and wonder why they are so hard on themselves.

The G-6 persons are sensitive to rhythms and nuances of life and they may develop a special interest for this as well as respect for the feminine aspect of things. On the whole, their intentions are good and recognized as such.

Associated Number: -

Lord of the Night  G-5

Aztec Diety:  Mictantecutli (God of Death)

Direction:  North

Key Words: Sensitivity and Touchiness

This Lord is placed on the median point of the nine night lord series. G-5 persons will try to be the center of a group and will sometimes use other people in order to get there.

One of the main challenges for a G-5 person is to act from their central position avoiding using other people or being used. The G-5 persons are both deeply involved in relationships which, for most of them, have also become a problem. They are sensitive and touchy on many topics. Their search for perfection makes them particularly reactive to disappointment. They should develop more realistic expectations and avoid attributing to others the responsibility for their own relationship failures.

Idealistic by nature they refuse compromises; the G-5 persons are seldom happy with their own choices. Their negative side is a tendency to have misleading opinions of others or unreasonable expectations.

At the worst of self deception, the G-5 persons spend their time throwing the blame on others without understanding that they are, in fact, the cause of their own problem. Becoming aware of that will be an enormous step forward for their spiritual progress. The G-5 persons should surround themselves with stable and helpful people. They should also accept differences in others and avoid those people who could destabilize them by aggravating their fears. It is in their conception of human relationships that dwell both their problem and its solution.

Associated Number: 6

Lord of the Night  G-4

Aztec Diety:  Cinteotl (God of maize and subsistence)

Direction:  North

Key Words: Protection and Communication

Some people born under the influence of this Lord are teachers, some are healers and others are overprotecting parents. Most of them seem to have a tendency to nervousness or anguish and they have a need to talk.

The G-4 persons are the guardians of one thing or another: other people, children, or pets. They often have a fixation on young people: they are attracted to children and even work with them in the educational or medical field for instance.

They have strong instincts for children nurturing and healthy ways should be found to express this urge. They will also have to understand that these instincts should at times be restrained so as to avoid hindering the children’s development.

The communication skills of G-4 persons make excellent teachers out of them. They have a natural talent for very creative thoughts, a quality which prompts them towards art and writing. Their negative side is that they think or talk continuously and often have to struggle to “switch off”. Through their work as teachers or communicators, they might be able to transform that tendency into a positive activity.

The G-4 persons are inclined to scatter their energies and this could drive them to being polyvalent without being competent.

Associated Number: 7

Lord of the Night  G-3

Aztec Diety:  Pilzintecuhtli (God of the Sun)

Direction:  East

Key Words: Need for respect and recognition

Many G-3 persons seem to have a strong need for respect. They are serious people who at times are insecure. They often have an important position in life or consider they should have a public recognition for their acts.        

Some G-3 persons will project this need onto others. They could associate or marry an eminent person. They have great expectations for themselves and for others and work hard in order to get there. In the process, they could neglect human relationships or simply make pragmatic choices so as to accomplish their tasks. This type of involvement could lead to an irrational emotional life and, occasionally, raise questions in the mind of people who are close to them.

The G-3 persons need the spotlights and recognition for their accomplishments. Nevertheless, they are able to function in somebody else’s shadow (such as a father or another authority figure). It is important for them to study and learn from their elders. One of their main tasks in life is to learn how to become an authority in their own right. This need should be reached through their personal means and merits rather than through association.

Their strength dwells in their persistence and their involvement to study and improve. Their weak point is their inner voice, the “third parent”, which judges and criticizes.

Associated Number: -

Lord of the Night G-1

Aztec Diety:  Xiuhtecutli (God of Fire and Time)

Direction:  Center

Key Words: Energy and Enthusiasm

This powerful Lord rules the center. The persons born on a G-1 day are often prompted by basic and primal needs. They have a tendency to be straightforward, authoritarian and even aggressive towards others. These dispositions drive them into living strong and intense events.

The G-1 persons want to be in the center of the action. It is both their good and bad quality. On the negative side, they often have an irrepressible need to put oneself first. On the positive side, their energy and enthusiasm is generally essential to the groups they join in.

The G-1 persons will have to acquire leadership skills in order to master their character so as to be a source of inspiration to others. Furthermore, they should learn to be more sensitive to how others perceive them and understand how to act according to social standards to prevent negative reactions.

Leadership is one of their major challenges. For this reason, fatherly relationships are often important to the G-1 persons since the father image mostly conditions their training.

Associated Number: 1

Lord of the Night  G-2

Aztec Diety:  Itzli (the sacrificial knife)

Direction:  East

Key Words: Responsibility and personal sacrifice

The G-2 persons are dedicated to their work, whether independent, voluntary, employees or merely working in their home.

The G-2 persons have a very keen sense of responsibility; they are hard working, stubborn and overly precise. They could be perceived as obsessive, compulsive as well as having a tendency to do more than necessary. 

Personal sacrifice is natural to them and one of their fundamental reactions in any circumstance is to stand aside so as to keep the deck clear for others. The G-2 persons do not look for leadership; they actually prefer situations in which they receive orders. Most people regard the G-2 persons as polite, easygoing, thoughtful and respectful. An important lesson from life for the G-2 persons is to manage for their personal sacrifices to be truly useful and meaningful.

Another important lesson to be learnt is how to focus their immense giving capacity as they have a tendency of sacrificing themselves uselessly which happens to be their major weak point.

Associated Number: -

The Lords of the Night

We actually know very little about the Lords of the Night.

They are 9 of them and they form a cycle which repeats itself for ever. One thing seems to be granted though which is that the Lords of the Night are an inherent part of the Mesoamerican astrology, be it Toltec, Mayan or Aztec.

The Lord of the Night completes the dayglyph and the birth day intention by giving an extra light on the person’s psyche. Sometimes, the Lords of the Night’s characteristics are close to those of certain dayglyphs which would reinforce tendencies or balance them according to the case.

The Mayan names of the Night Lords are unknown; they are consequently referenced under code numbers: G-1 to G-9. Conversely, their Aztec names are well known.

The sources I have used to elaborate this page are the following:

- The book entitled “ How to practice Mayan Astrology” by Bruce Scofield and Barry C. Orr

- The Tzolkin Explorer website which resumes the content of this book.

How to determinate the Lords of the Night

The Lords of the Night represent a 9 day cycle within the TUN (the TUN is the building block of the long Count Calendar). Each TUN starts with the first Lord (Xiuhtecuhtli, number 1 deity) and mechanically finishes with the ninth Lord (Tlaloc, number 8 deity) after 40 cycles of the Lords of the Night (40 cycles x 9 Lords = 360 days = 1 TUN).

There is no easy way to determinate the Lords of the Night, the only alternatives are:

- Calculating them on the basis of reference points (TUN beginnings and endings)

- Using the charts shown in the book entitled How to practice Mayan Astrology

- Calculating through the Internet using the Tzolkin Explorer website.