The 13 unials

An unial is a sequence of 20 days each one bearing a different glyph. An unial starts on an IMIX day and finishes on an AHAU day. The TZOLK’IN starts on a 1-IMIX day and finishes on a 13-AHAU day.

The chart below represents the TZOLK’IN from the unials angle (a bigger version is available by clicking on the image). Each column is an unial numbered from 1 to 13. The correspondence with the 20 trecenas is indicated at the top of the chart.

Each unial is under the influence of one of the 13 numbers’ energy. The first unial is thus under the influence of the energy of number 1 and then conveys the “initiation and impregnation” energy.

The unials with an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13) are regarded as periods of light, as “days”. The unials which numbers are even are regarded as periods of obscurity, as “nights”. The alternation between “day” and “night” is the same in the larger cycles such as the waves or the underworlds Carl Calleman talks about, they are called the “13 heavens”.

In a previous version of this page, we mentioned the portals and the core days. Since these notions apply to a recent construction and do not belong to the Mayan tradition, they have been withdrawn in respect for clarity and consistency.    


L’ancienne page (en français) est cependant toujours accessible en archive pour ceux qui voudraient la consulter.

translation by Nelly Lewin